Thursday, March 7, 2013

There's just something about the Mississippi

. . . that makes people feel reflective. Or epic. Or awed. (Or in the mood for skipping stones!)

We got a treat this afternoon when Robert Jackson, taking a break from his usual schedule at the Center, took us on a quick trip to see this legendary river. The Mighty Mississippi. Father of Waters.* The largest and longest river in North America. Huck Finn's playground. . . Big water, indeed.

*In a letter dated August 27, 1863, Abraham Lincoln wrote, "the Father of Waters again goes unvexed to the sea," referring to General Grant's capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi — though, officially, the word Mississippi comes from an Ojibwa word meaning "big water."

Photos (from top): 1) Michelle, 2) Tyler, 3) Sarah and Kate, 4) Team Witt plus Robert, and 5) NOT the splash made by the rock thrown by a certain young woman from Wittenberg (who may or may not have narrowly missed hitting a Witt faculty adviser while attempting to skip a stone, later confessing, somewhat horrified: "Nobody's going to let me forget that. I threw a rock and missed the biggest river in the United States.")

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