Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who's who

Nothing says"Mississippi" like belly laughs and story-swapping around a table
in a rustic cabin after a good Southern meal!

Michele, Anna, and Michelle listen as Moses talks about why he wanted to come on this trip.

Moses, pensive.

McKenzie and Sarah get tickled.

Oge tries out a new look.

The Phillips cabin.
Twelve hours later. . . the crew from Wittenberg finds themselves in a cabin in the woods* outside Ruleville, Mississippi, eating barbecue and learning about their fellow travelers. (Most of us had not known each other prior to the trip.) A lovely evening of laughter and anticipation as we shared our stories and talked about the week ahead.

*Owned by the family of Wittenberg biology prof Richard Phillips, who very graciously allowed us to stay there to save hotel expenses.

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