Sunday, March 3, 2013

Team Witt!

Here we are on our first day in the Delta, the 2013 Wittenberg Mississippi Delta Immersion Team, pausing for an (ahem!) candid shot in front of Dockery Farms outside of Cleveland, Mississippi.

Front row:
1 Katie McLaughlin, Cleveland, OH, junior, psychology major/ german and business minor. I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip, and a couple of my sorority sisters went last year and it sounded great.

2  McKenzie Hopkins, Newark, OH, junior, business marketing. I’ve done two mission trips, in Costa Rica and Belize, and wanted to experience something here in the United States.

3 Sarah Royal, Orange County, CA, sophomore, English, dance and journalism major. I had to look at a spring break trip for community service. Didn’t think I could build houses, and I thought this trip might provide an opportunity for group building.

4 Kate Egolf
, Ft Wayne IN, freshman, art history major, music minor. I've  never been on a mission trip before and have been curious about it.

5  Michele Milligan
, New Carlisle, OH, junior, communication major. I'm interested in working with kids and in doing different types of things.

6  Laura Egley Taylor
, originally from Leland, MS, now from Madison, WI. Stowaway. I'm tagging along since my sister is the faculty adviser and and I try to never miss an opportunity to go on adventures with her. (I made this trip with the Witt group last year, and it was a wonderful experience.)

7  Leigh Hastings, Dayton, OH, senior, English major, comm minor; I'm here for round 2!

8  Anna Jackson, Columbus, sophomore, sociology and spanish major, I'm interested in going into social work.

9 Ogechukwu Anoliefo, Cleveland, OH, senior, business major, I needed something for community service and was told that they needed black male athletes for this trip. AND I LIKE TO HELP PEOPLE. (I’ve also never been on a mission trip before.)

10  Cathy Egley Waggoner, originally from Leland, MS, now from Springfield, professor of communication at Wittenberg and Team Witt faculty adviser, I grew up here and am excited about the chance to spend a week immersed in the culture. I enjoy sharing it with people.

Back row:
11 Michelle Pettit
, Dublin, OH, freshman, early childhood  education, minor in technical theater. I really like mission trips, really like how you get to work in a variety of areas. I'm looking forward to helping out in the thrift shop and with the and kids.

12 Moses Mbeseha, State College, PA, senior, political science. I wanted to do this —it sounded like fun. And I love community service.

13 Tyler Clifford Scott Hall, Springfield, OH, working for a Wilt (an Ohio PR firm), was a communication major at Wittenberg with minors in biz and journalism. I had a great first experience and wanted to come back for more of that and for the food.

14 Heepke Wendroth, Lexington, KY, senior, biochemistry, molecular biology, and music major. I like helping people and Cary Christian Center's emphasis on service, faith, and health sounded interesting.

Also in the photo (first row, on the far right):  Luther Brown, Delta State University; Marvin Flemmons, Drew, MS; and Lacey Fitts,  Delta State University who showed us around Dockery and talked with us about the culture of the Mississippi Delta.

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