Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That sinking feeling

"Now maybe if I just unscrew THIS. . ."
you get when you're volunteering at the thrift store and there's something on your contact lens and you go to rinse it off and it falls into the sink and gets wedged between the edge of the drain and the ceramic basin and your sister tries to pull the lens out with her fingernails and it gets pushed further down so that it's no longer visible and you don't have backup lenses with you and you know that you have just ruined the rest of the week.

Cathy and Sugar Doll, viewing the world with a little more clarity
But, thenglory hallelujah, the very resourceful and unflappable Sugar Doll, an employee at the thrift shop, shows up: "I don't know a whole lot about plumbing, but I think we can just take this thing apart. . ."

We could and we did. Found the lens. Cathy washed it off, popped it back into her eye, and gratefully went back to work unpacking boxes.

We really did try to put it back together — Honest, Robert!
PS Cary Christian Center Work Project Manager Robert Jackson didn't even wince when we told him we had, um, accidentally disabled the sink.

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