Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hop in, let's go!

In Van #1: Leigh at the wheel, Tyler riding shotgun, Katie giving me a real smile (Shortly after this, however, she honed her uncanny ability to anticipate my every shot, somehow managing to make goofy faces for just about every photo for the rest of the trip. Watch for it.)
In Van #2: Kate and Katie in the background, McKenzie in the middle,
smiling that contagious grin of hers.
Van #2: my spot! With Moses and Oge in the back (along with Ezra, but that's another story)
and Michele and Anna in the front, all making me feel welcome.
I flew into Memphis and got a ride with an old friend to the parking lot outside Topps BBQ to rendezvous with two white passenger vans loaded down with 11 Wittenberg University students, one alum, one faculty adviser, several coolers and boxes of food,  and luggage and sleeping bags for all.

Happily, they made room for one more.

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