Friday, March 8, 2013

Mont Helena

The Wittenberg vans head down the driveway toward Mont Helena to get a closer look.
"Chins in hands, everybody!" Group shot on the front stoop.

View from the front porch: a tractor preparing the field for some spring planting.

Before leaving the Delta, we stopped a few miles outside of Rolling Fork at Mont Helena, a Colonial revival style home built atop a ceremonial Indian mound.

Built in 1896 (the first time. The house burned right after it was built, but its owners immediately began rebuilding), the house is not an antebellum home, though it is still representative of the gorgeous old mansions the South is famous for.

Nobody was home, so we peeked in the windows and took in the view from the front porch — the highest point for miles around before piling back into the vans to head home.

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