Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meanwhile, back at the distribution center

Just a few more boxes to sort through, y'all.
Many of us have been spending time this week at the distribution center (a warehouse-type facility that feeds into the thrift store in Rolling Fork). As we sort through donated items, some get sent over to the thrift store, but the rest get baled and shipped to other parts of the world where people are in need.

So what is baling, you ask? Take a look at the handy pictorial below. . .

BALING 101: A Handy Pictorial
1. Help Ken unload the truck.
2. Wheel the cart over to the baler.
3. Sort and toss, setting aside things that either can't or shouldn't be baled.
Everything else goes into the baler.
4. Close the baler door and prepare to be amazed.
5. Baler doors open to reveal. . . a bale!
6. The bale then gets loaded onto a forklift and stacked out in the paved area
behind the distribution center to await pickup.
(Requisite artsy shot of bales in the driveway!)

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