Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Wittenberg team

Here's a shot of our Alternative Spring Break team of Wittenberg students, headed to Cary Christian Center to do some service work.
We made a few stops on our way to Cary, including this one at Ground Zero (in Clarksdale, Mississippi), the nightclub owned by local celebrity Morgan Freeman. Mr. Freeman was not around, alas, since it was Sunday afternoon and the club was closed up tight. But, following the example of those who came before us, we signed our names on the wall so he'd know we'd been there, then headed on towards the Crossroads and Abe's BBQ for lunch.

Here's an introduction to the team and their responses to the question: What do you hope to get out of the week ahead?

1 Karlos Marshall
Hometown: Springfield, Ohio
Major/Year: Philosophy, 2013
I want to learn more about poverty-stricken area and how to eradicate poverty

2 Catherine Egley Waggoner
Hometown: Leland, Mississippi
17th year teaching at Wittenberg
I've had such a rich experience doing interviews in the Delta over the last couple of years that I wanted to come back and be immersed in the culture. I enjoy sharing it with people. 

3 Kirstie Hansen
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Major/Year: Communication and Psychology, 2013
I'm interested in the social aspects of the area and seeing how the people there interact. 

4 Ryan Smith
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major/Year: Communication, 2013
I just hope to help somebody and learn something along the way.

5 Bea Nichols
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Year: Biology and  Spanish (PreMed), 2014
I'm hoping to see how they do their health-related services in the Delta. I'm very interested in the medical aspects — and the need in that sense. 

6 Leigh Hastings
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Major/Year: English major, 2013
I'm excited to meet new people, especially the kids, and hang out with them and play with them.
 7 Tyler Hall
Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio
Major/Year: Communication, 2012
I hope to gain a better understanding of the people in the Delta and a better appreciation for the culture.

8 Clint Rodgers
Hometown: Ashtabula Ohio
Major/Year: English 2014
I'm a perpetual explorer. I want to immerse myself in another culture and help the people there.

9 Erin Harte
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Major/Year: Communication 2014
I am also a perpetual explorer. I think it's cool to get out of the Wittenberg "bubble" and experience the sobering reality of the real world. 

10 Tori Overholt
Hometown: Granville, Ohio
Major/Year: Early Childhood/Special Education, 2014
I like seeing different backgrounds and how people act;  and I have a passion for service. 

11 Laura Egley Taylor
Hometown: Leland, Mississippi (now in Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Cathy's sister
I've learned over the years to say yes whenever I get the chance to accompany Cathy on one of her adventures: the experience usually will be both hilarious and profound. I'm thrilled to be able to tag along with this group, making new friends and helping out in the Delta!

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