Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When life hands you a broken water line . . .


Keep calm and "Cary" on.  While digging post holes for a deck, somebody hit a water line. Robert Jackson, the project manager, didn't miss a beat. Called the City of Rolling Fork Water Department, who showed up within 10 minutes and turned off the water. Volunteers followed Robert's lead, doing what needed to be done — the pipe was mended, post holes were dug, and the deck was built — and what could've been a stressful, negative situation turned into a fun story to tell back at the dorms.

1) Rahn's body language expresses what everybody was feeling when the geyser erupted; 2) Cat finds a part Robert needs in the equipment trailer; 3) the homemade fountain; 4) Robert digs to clear the areaaround the pipe; 5) bailing the water out of the yard.

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