Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planting seeds and changing lives

Another crazy day for the Wittenberg and Northwestern folks, this one packed with gardening with kids, painting houses, roofing, tutoring, playing on the playground, shooting portraits of young moms-to-be, and cooking after-school treats for 50 students and dinner for 30 hungry volunteers.

Photos (above): Tyler and Kirstie show students how to lay black plastic in the flower bed. (below): 1) Fist bump! 2) Nickie's prenatal class gets crazy; 3) Mica and new friends on the playground; 4) Cathy gets tickled at Karl's rendition of the Taboo Rap; 5) the Wednesday Night team of tortilla chefs: Erin, Tori, Clint, and Kirstie.

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