Monday, March 5, 2012

The theme for the week?

"Just make it look cute!"

Today saw several of us (both the Wittenberg team and the Northwestern College group) helping out at the Treasure Chest, the thrift store in Rolling Fork run by the Cary Christian Center.

In addition to unloading the truck which brought in boxes and boxes of donations of to be sold in the store, we were pretty much given free rein in organizing and decorating sections of the store — including the front window. The store manager, Audrey, found herself saying again and again, "That sounds great! However you want to do it. Just make it look cute!"

A phrase which we have since found to be very handy while painting houses or fixing a meal to share with our Northwestern College counterparts. . .

Photos (from top): A few of the volunteers in the Treasure Chest window; Cathy helps unload the truck; Tori and Kirstie remove water collected from a recent heavy rainfall; Monday's thrift store team poses with store manager Audrey (far right)

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